Re-use bag campaign

I amused two students at a supermarket this afternoon who were employed by the Scottish Government to hand out key-rings, fridge magnet and notepads promoting the carrier bag campaign by refusing the items on the grounds that I'd end up throwing them away and that was not "green". But even bags are a part of the whole so I'm happy to support this campaign ... as part of the wider actions needed (see last post)

We had a super conversation. I introduced myself and we had a good conversation about the environment and politics. I wish them both well for the future.

I finally agreed to accept a fridge magnet. They told me the elephant is called Eric - so welcome to my fridge, Eric.


  1. Hi Debra, it's wonderful to see that you did actually end up writing about us, although I thought you would have put a bit more about how much we harassed you in the supermarket! I thought I'd let you know that overall the campaign was a huge success in my eyes, many people promised to support us and many appreciated that we were trying to raise awareness. over the weekend we met some very interesting people and had some wonderful conversations, although Darren and myself both agreed that you were the highlight of our afternoon at Sainsburys!

  2. But plastic bags are a small part of the problem ...


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