Newburgh Speeding

After many complaints about speeding at the north and south of Newburgh, Sergeant Smith, PC Ivancic and I spent part of Saturday with a mobile speed camera at the south of the village and discussing the problem.

We saw many cars obviously putting the anchors on when they say the police vests but even despite this PC Ivancic stopped seven cars in the short period we were there, and one was traveling at 40mph. In June, 10 drivers were caught and will be fined and have points added to their license. The worst case was a car traveling at 52mph.

Amazingly some entering the village who slowed past us, then speeded up sufficiently to trigger the 30mph warning sign just a short distance further.

Speeding is not a victimless crime
- Sergeant Smith said the worst part of his job was calling on parents to tell them that their child, pedestrian or young driver, was dead.

With the odds of surviving a collision at 40mpg being less than 1 in 5 and the odds at under 20mpg being better than 4 in 5, ther are good reason for speed limits in all our villages. We all have a choice whether to think about how our actions may impact others - or simply get somewhere fast.

Please think.

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