Legal threat to council for being 'in bed with Trump' over resort

Scotsman Article

"ABERDEENSHIRE Council is facing court action over claims that the authority is giving "favourable treatment" to Donald Trump in dealing with the tycoon's controversial plans for his £1 billion golf resort."

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  1. There's a quote that goes something like this:

    'If at first you don't succeed, cheat until you get caught, then lie'

    I don't know who said it but it's pretty much how this whole business has been from the outset. The council
    keep bending over to accommodate Trump's ever increasing demands and then deny any wrongdoing. They're in so deep now they don't know where to turn, it's pathetic and sad.
    Who do the council believe they are serving?

    People will look back with horror at the deliberate destruction of the SSSI and CPO's ( which they will no doubt support) the council are equal partners in these offensive actions which breach rights of the property owners and deviate from the agreed local plan etc. they push aside the advice from real environmental experts and have the nerve to suggest that the planners have superior knowledge. The planners/officers obviously think that destroying a few rare and important species and a unique habitat is cool because a crap golf courses are way more important than biodiversity. I'm sure they will still be surprised to see the increase in Aberdeenshires CO2 emissions from all the rich tourists (if it gets that far before the law suit)
    Well, if this the predominant attitude and represents the people of Aberdeenshire we don't stand a chance.

    What really annoys me is the way that the council continually exaggerate about their environmental achievements and concerns. This development takes the biscuit and just adds to their already dodgy record. Look at their landfill record - the worst in Scotland I think, their pledges to reduce energy use, their travel and CO2 emission reductions, they have failed on all levels. They were even found guilty of fly-tipping and exposed for doctoring the report to councillors. Yet they never have to answer for their actions...and on it goes

    Since when did a bunch of council planners demonstrate their worth? Also it seems they are now permitted to use their discretion (haha) regarding what goes to area committee rather than full council? You couldn't make this stuff up it's outrageous!

    The council should remember that they are there to serve the interests of the people not the interests of unscrupulous business people. Looks to me like they are leaning on councillors and trying to influence their decisions!

    How about a new slogan for Aberdeenshire.
    'Aberdeenshire Council is open for dodgy business deals at the expense of their environment and people, from the mouintains to the sea!'

    USe Freedom of Information to find out what happened and shout loud!


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