Menie dunes set for destruction

Today planning permission to stabilise the SSSI mobile sand dunes at Menie was granted.   There are a few details to be sorted out so Trump "Work will start tomorrow" is the usual bluster.  But once those details are cleared, this will be first step towards the destruction of the SSSI.  The designation is because of the geomorphology - the scientific interest is because this is a highly mobile sand dune system.  If the development does not proceed - and Trump now says he needs the houses of four of my constituents in order to do the development - then rewinding the works will be difficult.  The planning permission talks about 16 lorries a day and we still do not know the extent of the earthworks.

So visit the dunes now before works start. You will shortly not be able a to see the wild and beautiful place in its natural state.

Paul Johnston and I moved to defer the decision pending independent legal advice.  The Council's position seems to have changed over the last few days and we were told that they had taken independent advice.  But we do not know the details of that advice - nor whether, as for CPOs (see Sunday Times), Ann Faulds representing Trump had also been offering her advice.  Certainly Ms Faulds was there yesterday so it seems as if Trump were more worried about the legal position than the environmental impacts.


  1. Has a restoration bond been put in place yet, as required under the planning consent? Otherwise how can work begin with earth moving machinery on the dunes, as widely publicised? I appreciate it may just be a PR stunt but given the history of this project it goes against the grain and I would expect the Council to ask Trump to adhere strictly to its planning conditions, otherwise the planning process becomes a sham.

  2. Debra, You are clearly very confident that your views represent the views of your constituents.

    Can you explain why having joined the Greens, you will not put that to the test by going back to the ballot box?

  3. I shall visit the dunes and will lament their passing.

  4. fatshaft
    Councillors are elected as individuals not as party mouthpieces. I have joined the Greens and it is appropriate for people to know this but I do not describe myself as a Green Councillor. I remain part of the Democratic Independent Group.

  5. The electorate should understand that it is the individual not the party that gets elected...

    This is a reality which is lost on a lot of the electorate who mistakenly vote for a party, a party leader or a Prime Minister; for they are positions and offices which are held and which can be resigned, stood down from or voted out of.

    As the returning officer states It is the person that is "duly elected to serve" and as such that elected representative has the right to vote whichever way they choose and align themself with whichever group they choose.

    The electors have their say through the ballot box if you want to be tribal that is up to you


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