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Trump Junior, like Bush Junior, got his job and his name from his dad. Life's been easy for them both, and victory always feels inevitable with a background like theirs.

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  1. Debra can I proffer the following thought

    In that like Edward the II, who I might add never quite matched his father in acumen, leadership or temperament

    'Junior' isn't a patch on his father because he will always be in his father's shadow (the same with George W Bush).

    In the pictures and interviews he comes across as smug and conceited indeed his replies to camera on the issue of potential use of CPO's issues were undiplomatic, tactless and naive. As a result he comes across as proud and arrogant and unless that attitude changes that will be his downfall and like Edward the Second he will be sent homeward to think again!

    This whole Golf course development could have been handled more diplomatically and less like a ruthless boardroom takeover.


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