I spent part of this afternoon asking people to send their own message to the politicians who will be at Copenhagen.   Many were very willing - and a few took time to draw pictures and write throughtful contributions.  But I found it sad that some said they thought there was no point - that things had gone too far and there was no way back.

They may be right - the target of limited global warming to 2 degrees only gives us a 50:50 chance of stopping the situation escalating out of control.  But 50:50 is better in my book than certainty.  We have to try.

Thanks to Friends of the Earth for running the "message in a bottle" event.

And I took a few minutes out to join a few hundred people at the Union Square Mall for a flash mob.  We all fell asleep for 5 minutes - to the bemusement of many.

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  1. Love the way those women in the cafe area carry on chatting and drinking coffee like nothing's happened! Brilliant!


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