Friends, old and new

I have had a delightful weekend at the Scottish Green Conference in Dumfries.  It was lovely to be greeted by old friends from my days of political activism in Edinburgh in the late 80s and early 90s.  And new friends came to the fore when flooding meant that the last leg of the return journey from Edinburgh to Aberdeen had to be abandoned.

I think I shall enjoy working in my new political home.  It is a smaller party than I have been used to but it is not that different to the Liberals in the 80s so there is a familiararity.  But also a positive engagement in trying to find real solutions and a new way forward that will benefit people and the environment.  The issues are huge, the answers are difficult and putting these into action harder still.  But I saw a real determination to align principles and practise and to engage with people - including the driver of the bus to Edinburgh who I suspect will never forget meeting Robin Harper.  I left the driver with a membership application form - from such seeds does a party grow.      

So thanks to everyone for a great weekend - and thanks for Maggie for her organisational skills and Moira for her hospitality.  Their actions turned a bad end to a wonderful weekend into a positve pleasure.

Now back to transport ....


  1. What did Robin say to the bus driver? I'm intrigued!

  2. There were two centres of debate on the bus - the respectable at the front and the less so at the back.

    You'll have to ask Robin for a report from the mini-conference at the front but the bus driver seemed to have been sufficiently involved at the front with Robin to make a donation to the party.

    The driver was then pleased to shake Martin Ford's hand - and it seemed appropriate to invite him to join.


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