Copenhagen - it up to us.

It seems the politicians have failed to deliver the necessary actions at Copenhagen.  There are some fine words - but there is a world of  difference between good intentions and long term promises and the concrete action needed.

So we need to do, without the help of the policies and initiatives that would help, what we can.   So please sign up to 10:10 and encourage everyone you know - individuals, organisations, and businesses to sign up to.

Hopefully this is a setback - the fine words may yet turn into the real action needed.  But the clock is ticking away and the longer action is delayed, change will then have to be harder and faster.

The planet will survive - but without action, the lives of almost everyone on earth will be affected and for some that impact will be deadly.  The Scottish Government's recent Climate Change Adaptation document makes interesting reading.  The kind of floods that we had in November may become normal.  

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  1. The Menie development will only add to the congestion during the rush hour. We need (attractive) high density housing close to places of work.


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