Main Issues: Masterplanning; Layout, Siting & Design; Public Open Space; Public Access; Community Facilities

This is all about building in quality design to new developments - all the way from how a development relates to its surroundings to the deatil of individual buildings.  This is a hugely complex subject ....

Masterplanning of large developments : New requirement for development frameworks, masterplans and/or development briefs for large and medium sized developments.  Community engagement highlighted.  Differing requirements according to scale.  Very large < 600, Large 50 to 600 houses, Medium 5 -49 houses.
Layout, Siting and Design of New Development: Reference to masterplans and designs briefs and also assessments against Urban Design Toolkit (PAN 67), Manual for Streets, and Index 21.  Design Panel to advise on important design cases.
House Extensions: protection of amenity of area.
Infill development: OK subject to protection of character and amenity of area and important open space/woodland.
Public Open Space: Reference to Open Space Strategy and specific requirements for hierarchy of developments: 40% Major, 120m sq per dwelling, or 40 m sq for land previously allocated.  Protection of open space from development with exceptions.
Public Access: Connection to existing non motorised access routes highlighted.  If Core path or existing path, maintenance of it or replacement.  Mention of access to water.
Community Facilities: Principles governing adequate provision and requirements for developer contributions towards such.

I like the emphasis on masterplanning and design.  I strongly believe this leads to better development but it all depends on the "teeth" given - will we refuse purely on such grounds and will it stand up on appeal?
Not sure why developments in the Local plan have lower requirement for Public Space than others in Local Plan.  Rules change all the time ....
Good to see Public Access higher up the priorities.  Would like more emphasis on encouragement for walking/cycling rather than car use as part of the Design principles.

Comments by 20th Jnuary, please ...

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