New Aberdeenshire Local Plan

Yesterday and today I spent looking at allocating houses and employment land to settlements in Formartine (my bit of Aberdeenshire).

View Aberdeenshire Local Plan 2007-2023 in a larger map

It's difficult to get information out on what is happening but I'm trying so I've put the decisions so far onto a Google map.  I've used symbols for housing, employment sites and written in the detail.  Some sites are very large and you'll need to look at the full documentation.

A further report will come to a future meeting of Formartine Area Committee to look at development around Potterton as an alternative to development at the south of Oldmeldrum.  The debate amongst the local councillors is mainly a) whether Potterton is in the Strategic Growth Area or not (50:50 according to the Head of Planning Policy) and b) whether development should be north or south of the Potterton.

But what do the people of Potterton think?

I'll post more as as I can try to expand to other bits of Aberdeenshire when I can - but currently I don't have the information.

Let me know what you think and I'll let you know when the formal plan is published and how you can comment or object to it formally.


  1. Have you read "Limits to Growth" if not could I suggest it. The following link is a summary of Dennis Meadows latest talk.

  2. I think Potterton could benefit from some limited development as this would hopefully lead to better facilities which the village is in dire need of. It seems to have been forgotten about. It would be nice to be able to use facilities that don't always require a polluting car journey, or to have access to a more frequent bus service.


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