Hung parliaments and fitness to govern

In a time when Governments of  all colours have messed up and thrown us into an economic mess, a little humility would go a long way.  Whatever hand in terms of seats, is what the politicians will have to deal with. 

No party leader is going to make definitive statements about who they will/won't work with or on what terms.  They fear that Voter A will be put off if they say they favour Party X and Voter B will be put off if they say they favour party Y. 

So what should we be asking them about hung parliaments?

I'd suggest

To those who have said a hung parliament would be "bad"
Does that mean you won't work with others for the good of the country?  Why not?

To those that countenance a hung parliament,
How detailed a programme for government would you seek to negotiate and when can we expect the next general election?

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