One in a hundred ....

All the fuss from airlines about the so-called over-cautious approach of NATS seems to me to be geared to trying to strong arm compensation out of the government rather than a sound basis of science

I keep looking at the Met office maps.

One maps shows satelite imagery of teh volanic ash plume.

Another shows the no-fly zone predictions

So just how dangerous is it to fly though this ash?  This news report from the BBC gives some details.

If one airliner in a hundred has total engine failure due to volcanic ash, then that seems to me to be a pretty big risk.  The risk not only impacts the crew and passengers but in crowded Europe, the risk of a crash on an urban area can not be ignored.

Would you get on a plane if you thought there was a one in a hundred chance of engine failure.  I wouldn't.

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  1. Everything is the fault us Nats eh:}

    This link to three webcams is here.

    I have been screengrabing some clips here and hope to add more.


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