Policies not tribes

Choices in thsi General Election for some may be hard.  Neither Labour nor the Tories look attractive and I have lost faith in the LibDems.

What I do this time is clear,  I have the opportunity to vote for Sue Edwards who is a woman of principle with a big heart.   It's interesting watching someone new to politics grapple with doorsteps, hustings etc.  Sue takes it all in her stride and stays beautifully herself.

There are big issues.  Clearly "business as usual" won't be enough to solve problems with the economy, the environment and help people live high quality lives.  And I worry that people will vote out of fear of "the other" rather than hope to create a future they really want.

Just as a matter of interest, try looking at the policies at http://voteforpolicies.org.uk/  and see how your views align to the various parties.  The result are more than interesting.  You might surprise yourself!


  1. Both major parties in Scotland and Wales are missing or don't we count.

  2. Have you left feedback to Vote for Policies site?

    (and sorry not to have posted some of your other comments - you seemed to manage to post against the wrong topic and that is simply confusing so I didn't publish)

  3. The site keeps coming up with a blank page (done)making it difficult to proceed. Don't worry about any previous missing entries (if any) it hasn't stopped me looking in from time to time.

  4. I've been disillusioned with the Lib Dems for longer than you... and I'll probably still end up voting for them.

    Things might be different back in Bonnie Scotland, but daan Saaf I have to pick the best of a spineless bunch - and that's still the LDs.


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