City Councillors finally talk about Union Terrace Gardens

After months of spouting nonsense that they were somehow legally barred from telling people their views re City Square/Peacock/Union Terrace Gardens, a few have now decided to speak.

I don't think Cllr John Corall puts up a solid defence of voting in favour of City Square - but at least he was willing to be filmed. Do you think he knows what he is talking about?

Watch this video.

He starts by telling us that people do not know what is proposed ... and that he doesn't either ...

Sir, it's in your ward. Don't you think you should take an interest?


  1. Every council vote is a decision - he speaks as though all he voted for was the chance to make some future decision if and when the question comes up. They have already dispatched Peacock in favour of Wood. If he can't give proper reasons for why he voted for that, he should stand down and let someone less clueless take the wheel.

  2. What a joy to see such an erudite backer of Sir Ian Woods and Acsefs proposal. Oh dear if this is the standard of local councillor in Aberdeen putting forward his arguaments (or lack of them! ) I do look forward to standing against them in 2012!

  3. Hello Debra, many thanks for your response to my comments re: UTG and comments made by Councillor John Corall. I have viewed his interview on Face Book which prompted me to reply in kind. Being and Ex-pat and non rate paying concerned former citizen of Aberdeen, I think I gave up the right to expect any form of reply in such matters, therefor I don't expect a response from the honourable councillor but I do think I have the freedom of speech to voice my concerns on the matter being the city of my birth and frequent holiday location.
    I live in New Zealand and find the majority of City Councils world wide are the same, they are driven by the business people who vote them in. I note you are in the Green Party which I believe to be truly incorruptible as you do have the planet (local or global) at heart and in this case, removal of such a HUGE Green area from a city like Aberdeen where in the CBD these areas are few and far between.
    I thank you for your interest in my comments and if John Corall wishes to comment on my remark then so be it, I will continue following this topic with great interest.

  4. They're going to be spending upwards of 50 million on sir Ian's vanity project even though the people voted against it, even though the city council are cutting services for the disabled, even though they're cutting budgets by 27 million for services people actually want, and now they have the accounts commission in looking at the black-hole in their finances... it makes my blood boil.


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