Site for a new Ellon Academy

Last Tuesday, Formartine Area Committee discussed 6 possible sites for the new Ellon Academy and it was clear that there was a consensus about Options 2 and 3 which would put the Academy into the planned Cromleybank development. These were the options clearly favoured by Ellon Community Council the previous day at a special meeting. Councillors were all also agreed that a second road bridge across the Ythan was needed at an early point to make the development work with the rest of the Town (and stop Bridge St seizing up!).

However, my colleagues wouldn't simply made the decision - they expressed a preference for Options 2 and 3 but left it open to be somewhere else. And it seems as if they are willing to totally revisit the agreement to development Cromleybank in the Local Plan. With Aberdeenshire Council due to approve the Local Plan on 24th June and no meeting of the Formartine Area Committee in the meantime, this risks this very important decision regarding Ellon having to be taken by Infrastructure Services which only has one representative of the area on it - or by the full council of 68 members.

I believe that local councillors working with local people and the Community Council should be calling the shots on this and that my colleagues have done the town a dis-service by dithering rather than making a decision.

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  1. So how do you propose the community council and local community working together?

    What needs to be remembered is the general effect this will have on Ellon and I think parent of primary school children should be consulted as they will be the ones affected.

    Perhaps use this website to host a page showing where people think the new site should be. From a transport point of view this is a good choice but is it the easiest located place for pupils from Castle Park, Auchterellon or even the rural locations? I think the Cromleybank location will just increase traffic as parents drive children to school.


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