Aberdeenshire - Final Local Development Plan

The Aberdeenshire Development Local Plan was agreed by the Council on 24th June.  I did not vote for it but a future post - or perhaps posts - will talk about the issues.  After all, we have until 1st October to lodge our representations on the plan.  My previous post talked about the form required for representations.  This post will discuss the form of the plan itself.

Instead of one document, the Plan has been published as a plan containing just 14 polices, 6 maps and a schedule. One of my colleagues described the plan as vacuous - there is so little detail in the Plan itself that it is difficult to see what objections there could be.  Most of the detail is in the Supplementary Guidance.

In addition to the Plan there are (currently) 51 pieces of Supplementary Guidance, 6 of which are Settlement Maps for each Area within Aberdeenshire and the rest give details on the 14 polices.

Therefore, it is likely that if you wish to make a representation about anything you will need to make two representations - one for the policy in the main plan and one for the relevant Supplementary Guidance.

Aberdeenshire has provided two forms (in two forms, pdf and online), one for the Plan and one for Supplementary Guidance.   But as you are not required to make your representation on the specified form, I would suggest that you  make one representation per issue covering both the Plan and the Supplementary Guidance.  If you follow the 7 required pieces of information from the Schedule 4 form, you will have provided all the necessary information.   The Council can then cross reference your one representation into two parts to cover the Plan and the Supplementary Guidance. 

Over the summer, I'll post some comments on the content of the plan itself.  Remember, you only have until 1st October to make you voice heard.

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  1. Those of us affected by the mineral safeguarding plans (the 71 areas for sand & gravel extraction) received letters on Thursday 9th July - very legal, and to many people, very upsetting. Yesterday (2 days later) we received a second letter from Piers Baxter, Team Leader - Policy, apologising for the first letter but saying the same things as the first - so no reassurance but an indication of the strength of feeling which must have been generated.

    Policy 14 admits these could be 'large and intrusive developments'and 'will give a certain amount of reasssurance....' - but not to those of us near these site!

    I understand the justification for mineral safeguarging but the publication of detailed maps without any consultation will blight our homes forever.

    I agree with your introduction - the Local Plan documents give very little information (but lots of detailed maps)so it is impossible to comment in a knowledgeable way. We need to know how these 71 areas were defined - using the geology is all we have been told. I would also like a forum so those of us affected by this who are scattered in small communities across the region can come together. All ideas of how to proceed will be very welcome.

    From 49 - Alford East(or Fiona Cottage, AB33 8HE)


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