MP doesn't want constituents to email him

Tory MP, Dominic Rabb has complained about campaign group 38 Degrees facilitating constituents sending emails to him.  The poor inundated soul asks his constituents not to email him.  He doesn't want his email address published anywhere and says that "My approach is to ask those with a problem or issue they want me to take up to write in, so I have full details and can check they are constituents (it is a protocol that you do not take up the case of other MPs' constituents.)"

The 38 Degrees system does this preliminary check for Mr Raab - and I spent ages when first elected encouraging people to use email as it made dealing with casework more efficient.

You can read 38 degrees side of the story at

You can read Dominic Rabb's comments at and you can email Dominic Raab on - I publish it here as a public service as it's not published on the House of Commons website or Mr Raab's own website.

Perhaps it's having 58% share of the vote that engenders arrogance.  An excellent argument against any system that makes "safe seats".

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  1. The sooner we ditch Westminster and all these arrogant MPs the better, we have 9 months before Ian Gray gets control of Holyrood and that is real scary for Scotland.


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