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I have just enrolled as a student on Aberdeen University's Urban Planning and Real Estate MSc course.  I spent Thursday and Friday on a field trip with some of my fellow students and three lecturers.

It is shaping up to be an interesting experience made even better by the range of backgrounds of my fellow students as well as the engaging and challenging approach of the academic staff.   So a warm hello to my new friends (I hope!) from China, Nigeria, Canada, Greece, Faroe Isles and those who are more local.  And it is already fun debating issues with people who are approaching the course with backgrounds as geographers, economists, environmentalists, architects - and me as the politician/planner.

And to those from warmer climes, I do promise that September in Scotland can be something other than cold, wet and windy.

But I suspect that the outdoor equipment retailers will do brisk business with my fellow students before we venture out again.

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  1. The one thing that should be a concern to all is a reliable source to water in any of these planning decisions. I suspect that as we live in a wet maritime climate people assume that this resource is abundant which it isn't.

    I found an interesting paper document from the FOE last year which seems to of gone AWOL.


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