Bunkerin Donald's Plans

Some times it's best to express yourself in verse
Thanks for permission to reproduce (and copyright) Bob Smith

Michael Forbes his decided ti sell
Some grun fit’s ca’ed The Bunker
Ti some fowk fa are affa keen
Ti stymie a Manhattan mumper

Trump ti buy iss plot o lan
Needs ti contact mair than a few
Fa hiv bocht iss bittie grun
An are part owners o it noo

There’s nae doot iss clivver ploy
Wull mak Trump nae verra happy
In fact I’ll gyang as far’s ti say
The chiel’ll be a grumpy chappie

Here’s ti Michael and his plotters
We aa hope iss dis some eese
So’s Trumpy’s plans are bunkered
An Menie fowk are left in peace

Ti aa ye gweed fowk oot there
Please tak in iss bittie verse
The best thing that could happen
Is Trump kicked up the erse

© copyright Bob Smith 2010


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