Masterplan for Menie

Now please don't confuse a picture with a masterplan.  But for what it is worth, this is what Trump put out to the press today with my annotations of what is where.

At the published scale is is difficult to tell what happens to the homes Trump does not own.  It looks like David Milne's Hermit Point is buried under an apartment block.  Mill of Menie is part under the first and is where the second golf course is planned.  And Leyton Cottage seems hidden by trees - perhaps a return to the Racho Palos Verdes tactic.

The main issue is of course whether the Masterplan includes the disputed properties.  And if so, whether the families who have made it clear they do not wish to sell will again be threatened with Compulsory Purchase. 

When that is settled, then I'll comment on the Masterplanning process in more detail.  But I'll be looking out for progress in the issues I highlighted to Gareth Hoskins back in September.

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