Unions Terrace Gardens v Peacock

Architecture and Design Scotland have now commented on the proposals.

I think it fair to say that they were not impressed.

I started to pick out some choice quotes .... but it was most of the document so I recommend you read the whole thing.

We are nearing the end of the City Square Consultation.  I have seen nothing to change my mind from when I first posted on this topic.

The CitySquare, ASCEF, Ian Wood camp sound increasing strident and unrealistic.  Getting a Guggenheim is the cherry on the top of culture led regeneration - not the start.  For example, Dundee getting a V&A outpost builds on Dundee Rep, DCA, Scottish Dance Theatre - and we have - well what?  The best arts organisation we have is Peacock ... and we are putting their future at risk if we go with CitySquare.

A peacock in the hand is worth a hundred times more than 490 car parking spaces in the bush.  And there are ways forward from Peacock that open up the gardens and link them with e.g. Belmont Street.  The compromise solutions have clearly be laid out by Peacock and their brilliant and hugely committed architect Edgar Gonzalez. 

Why won't Ian Wood add his money to the funds Peacock already have and make UTG brilliant.  

Make your voice heard!

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