Local Development Plan

We are in the last few days of the new Development Plan consultation period.   So if you do have comments to make, please make sure you do so before 1st October.  You can email ldp@aberdeenshire.gov.uk with you contribution but do be sure to give your contact details, clearly reference which bit of the plan or supplementary guidance you are concerned about and exactly what is you concern.  And finally clearly state what Modification you suggest.  

I do not find the online form or the pdf form they provide easy to use.  So I suggest that you make your representation being careful to include all the required information and leave council officers to sort out the format.

I have made two submissions. 

Along with my other Democratic Group colleagues, I seek to embed the requirements of the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009 as required by Section 72. The Aberdeenshire proposed local development plan does not do this.

 Secondly, the Council is gradually working their way to needing to reserve land within Cromleybank for the new Ellon Academy.  The developer is content with this.  The Community Council is content with this.  This is the best option for the traders.   So I've asked that the "may be required" is changed to "will be required" so that we can get on with it.  This is urgent as the funding from the Scottish Government is time limited and the timetable is looking increasingly tight.

It's slightly odd being a councillor asking for amendments to the Council's plan by this route.  But it's the best chance for common sense to prevail.

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