Ellon Planning for Real

It's been a week for consultations. 

Encouraged by the course director, I went to the opening of the Elsick design charette and looked into the workshop on Friday afternoon.  It seems to be a very open consultation exercise with real efforts to involve the local community with special sessions for school children and the residents who are most affected.

And today was a Planning for Real event in Ellon.  This was perhaps mistimed with the deadline for Local Development plan representations being yesterday but ...

Much attention was focused on the proposed sites for Ellon Academy.  6 sites were shown but I am still of the view that only the Cromleybank sites are viable.   Discussions were lively and people really wanted to engage.  I tried my best to explain the likely constraints and I think that most people share my view that only the Cromleybank sites are viable.

On the wider issues, there were a wide variety of suggestions of how Ellon could be improved and I'll await a full analysis of this before commenting.

However I do have one serious concern about the exercise.  When I left at about 2pm, only one person in the 19-30 age range had shown up.   How can we better engage with this age range?- they'll have to live with any decision that flow from the day.

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