Next Local Plan

Today Aberdeenshire Council approved a Main Issues Report as the next step towards the next Local Plan.

Response to this consultation are critical to the formation of the new Local Plan - and that will shape development in Aberdeenshire for the next decade.

Unfortunately, there are some fundamental issues in the report that are unresolved. For example in the Ellon-Blackdog Strategic Growth Area, the Structure Plan says there should be 800 houses built 2007-2016 and 1500 2017-2023. Now do those number include or exclude the 650 houses granted outline planning permission in relation tot he Menie estate development. It's not clear.

And if, as rumoured given the squeeze on government finances, the WPR is cancelled/delayed, the the Bridge of Don-Peterhead SGA feasible?

However, do not let these uncertainties put you off from commenting. You have from now until 6th July to respond. The Main Issues Report we discussed today had 7 pages of errata and there is also a Monitoring Report and Environmental Report that are to be published to support the consultation. However you can see the information published thus far at

If I can help you to understand the report or the process, please do get in touch.

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