Structure Plan

I've sent off three objections to the Structure Plan. Deadline is 24th April so if you were intending to object, then DO IT NOW.

In the current - and future - environment, the total number of houses needs to be scaled back to reality else orderly planning will be meaningless. The last minutes addition of 600 houses to the allocation for the Blackdog to Ellon bit of the Strategic Growth Corridor was without consultation or rationale.

Public transport provision on the Aberdeen-Peterhead corridor needs to be ramped up. The other Strategic Growth corridors have rail available and existing dual carriageway roads within the Aberdeen Housing Market Area. This corridor has nothing and no suggestion that anything is forthcoming as part of the plans.

Community Infrastructure needs to lead development - too much has already been built without the investment in health, education, leisure and other community facilities. And we need parallel development to provide jobs to avoid the further development of commnter towns and the stress this places on local shops, etc.

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