Standards of Trump

I was told by a reporter that the Trump Organisation has reported me to the Standards Commission for over-stepping my duties as councillor regarding public access at Menie (see earlier article). As I was simply responding to constituent complaints and inspecting a situation myself, I am totally confident that the Standards Commission will dismiss the compliant.

The more interesting question is what the police will do regarding my complaint to the police about being unlawfully detained by the Menie Estate security guards.

It is worth recording here that the gates around the estate are now unlocked. I have been advised of this by residents and by Aberdeenshire Council's Access Officer. I hope the Menie Estate now understand the Scottish Outdoor Access Code and the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 and we will have no more nonsense of locked gates.


  1. Can i ask why you are still a member of the council.
    I voted you in as a party member, are you worried if you stood down and re stood the people would not vote for you.
    You no longer belong in the councill your own party voted you out and you no longer stand for the people
    Sooner the elections come and the people have a chance to vote the better, and as for the peeps in westminster that have had the papers following them, i consider you as bad your party was elected not you

    N Fraser

  2. As I have explained, I was elected on a set of principles to which I still hold. I have not changed - the bulk of my former party still espouses the same principles. There is perhaps a difference on whether saying the right words is sufficient or whether we need more.


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