Gude Cause

GUDE CAUSE was formed to mark the 100th anniversary of the Women’s Suffrage Movement Procession along Princes Street in 1909. The culmination of this celebration will be a re-enactment of this march on 10th October 2009. However we hope that this will be the climax of a series of events in different parts of Scotland, not only to remember that event, but also to mark what has changed in the past century to improve women’s position in society and to draw attention to what still needs to be done.

I remember giving a lift to a delightful lady in my early days as a political worker and as she was struggling with getting out of the house into my car, I suggested she might want a postal vote in future. I was abashed when she told me that the votes for women had been hard fought for - and therefore the effort of going to the poll was well worth it.

So Edinburgh, Saturday 10th October, Bruntsfield Links - gather noon for 1pm start of march.

Anyone fancy joining me?

I have changed my blog colours in honour of Gude Cause to Purple, Green and White.

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  1. Following my recent correspondence with you over another matter

    I came across the above on your website and was pleased to offer comment and my best wishes for the day which by all accouts seems to be a well organised and fun event (organisers website) and possibly worth attending

    To anyone who doubts in the passion of the Girls and Women who fought for Women's Suffrage, they should visit some of the excellent websites (Lottery funded I might add) about Pankhurst Davidson Neal and the countless others.

    My admiration for these women comes from the 1970's when at the age of 12 I watched the BBC series "Shoulder to Shoulder". It was one of the finest historical series the BEEB has produced, a gritty no holds barred series showing the way these women were treated (in one episode they show one of the women in gaol being force fed!!) simply for their campaign to secure the vote for women.

    The series theme tune utilised the anthem of the women's movement "The March of The Women" by Dame Edythe Smith, a tune which has stuck in my head for over 35 years and has been an inspiration to me (even as a mere male!) as it is a "get up off your knees and fight hymn" something which is sadly lacking today


    Shout, shout, up with your song!
    Cry with the wind for the dawn is breaking;
    March, march, swing you along,
    Wide blows our banner and hope is waking.

    Song with its story, dreams with their glory, Lo! they call, and glad is their word!
    Loud and louder it swells,
    Thunder of freedom, the voice of the Lord!

    Long, long, we in the past,
    Cowered in dread from the light of heaven.
    Strong, strong, stand we at last,
    Fearless in faith and with sight new-given.

    Strength with its beauty, Life with its duty, (Hear the voice, oh hear and obey!)
    These, these, beckon us on,
    open your eyes to the blaze of day.

    Comrades, ye who have dared,
    First in the battle to strive and sorrow,
    Scorned, spurned, nought have ye cared.
    Raisng your eyes to a wider morrow.

    Ways that are weary, days that are dreary,
    Toil and pain by faith ye have borne;
    Hail, hail, victors ye stand,
    Wearing the wreath that the brave have worn!

    Life, strife, these two are one,
    Nought can ye win but by faith and daring:
    On, on that ye have done,
    But for the work of today preparing.

    Firm in reliance, laugh a defiance,
    (Laugh in hope, for sure is the end)
    March, march, many as one.
    Shoulder to Shoulder and friend to friend.

    Dame Ethel Smyth (1858–1944)


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