More on Newburgh speeding

Aberdeenshire Council have done a speed survey at the north and south of Newburgh. The results are shocking.

Maximum Speed
The Quay :
Inch Rd :

In a
30mph zone, this is totally irresponsible.

Almost worse, it the fact that this is not just a few rogue motorists - almost everyone is exceeding the speed limit. Road engineers talk about the 85 percentile speed - the speed that 85 % drive below - or that 15% exceed. It's a pretty good measure of what is regarded as "normal"

The Quay :
Inch Road :

It is not acceptable to drive at 6mph - or worse 12mph above the speed limit in any of our villages.

The Council is now looking at how to fund measures to reduce speeds in Newburgh and the police have been asked to step up their use of mobile speed camera.

But the responsibility lies with drivers. Drive at 30mph and it's a 50:50 chance of killing a pedestrian if you hit them Drive at 40mph and there is just a 1 in 10 survival rate. Is a life worth the extra minute or two on your journey that obeying the speed limit would mean?

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  1. Three drivers caught this morning again at Newburgh - north end all in the 50 mph plus speed and all reported to the PF for prosecution.


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