Menie Ode

I was sent this yesterday and thought I'd share it with everyone. The author wishes to remain anonymous - but Thank you, Spirit of Iona.

A little poem just for you
To lift you up when you feel blue
Remember always right makes might
and let that be your guiding light
Ode to Cllr Storr
Now I pen this poem just for you
And hope that you will read it through
My hope is that it will bring relief
In the times that others cause you grief
Like when those opposing don't play fair
Ignoring the duty and office you bear
defaming your person and your name
And pointing out that you're to blame
Don't let these things take their toll
Dampening your spirit and destroying your soul
just learn to sing an uplifting song
then pick up the torch and carry on
So Never grow weary from this fight
just keep in heart that right makes might
And should opponents throw their sleaze
smile right back and just say 'cheese'
Keep young at heart as long as you can
And don't let your spirit be crushed by this man
just recall the Lyrics of the Labi Siffre song
There's Something inside so strong
Finally when Trump's cronies get you down
Give a big smile and dare not to frown
Just blow a raspberry and don't get to glum
Remember the 'Latin' 'illigetimi non carborundum'
Spirit of Iona (2009)
Keep up the good work at the Menie
AB53 Resident

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