Menie Liberation Front

The macDonald has received a tribute from the Menie Liberation Front in the form of masks over the faces of some of Scotland's most iconic statues.   You will have your own favorite, if you view the gallery of pictures.

I suppose that this harmless prank is meant to highlight the taking over our our heritage by the Trump Golf machine. 

The vote next Thursday, 1st October to stop Aberdeenshire agreeing to Trump's request to use compulsory purchase powers to acquire my constituent's properties is a key event.  Please do come to the Gordon Suite at the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre and withness what my colleagues do.  The meeting starts at 10.15 am and Cllr Martin Ford's motion is the third item on the Agenda.

See STV news for a good summary of where we are.

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  1. For sooth Debra what varlet did such a nefarious deed

    I have no doubt the members of the local militia will drop everything to track down these scallywags and give them a damn good thrashing

    Seriously though might I suggest if the vote on thursday goes the way of compulsory purchase that a motion should be raised in the council chamber to apologise to Mr Trump in person (...not for the lampooning of him in this stunt) but for holding him up in his planned takeover of private homes and heridaments.

    My view writing in the 'Spirit Of Iona' is that If this CPO move is approved it would be a travesty and a misuse of a power granted to a public body for the benefit of all the people not just as a means to benefit the rich the famous and a well known American tycoon.

    It would be a wonder if Sir William Wallace didn't turn in his grave


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