Time to put away permanently the CPO threat at Menie

I have now been contacted by all but one of those whose land was added to the outline planning permission on 1st September (see post below).  No-one wants to sell.  No-one feels it is fair or just to be asked to negotiate with Trump with the threat of CPOs on the table.

Yesterday I was told that part of the threat was very explicit - agree to our offer or as we have the people who wrote the rules on board, you'll be forced to sell anyway on our terms (see Rob Edwards article in the Sunday Herald)

It is not about money for the owners of Mill of Menie, Leyton Cottage, Hermit Point, Menie Fishing Station and Leyton Farm.  It is about their right to the peaceful enjoyment of their property.  If they wish to sell fine.  If they don't no-one should make them.

That is simply what the debate on Thursday should be about.

It's not a difficult question.   It doesn't need long reports on the legal and financial ramifications of CPOs.  This is something Councils have the powers to do.  But Councils can choose not to use those powers.

It's not about money.   It's a simply matter of principles and ethics.    And it is about people.

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