Masterplans and golf courses

Last Tuesday, my colleagues agreed to the discharge of a heap of conditions, the Masterplan and the golf course at Menie. Many of my colleagues seemed, at least before the meeting, to be under the misguided impression that the Masterplan did not impact the homes of the Menie families. I check at the meeting and it does.

I moved refusal of the Masterplan on the basis that it was not deliverable unless these parcels of land were in the control of the applicant. The Masterplan itself acknowledged this in that it said it would need to be redesigned.

And then we have the golf course. Contrary to Trump spin, work can not yet start - the rest of the Masterplan conditions need to be met. So an opening in 18th months is not likely.

But the developer may believe they have an excuse to close off the constrcution area. That I believe will cause problems. People walking along the beach north from Balmedie may decide they have had enough and want to get back to the A90. If the whole golf course area is closed, that will be a problem. I have no interest in increasing conflicts on the Menie estate - local people are suffering enough without this. But I think it would be sensible if the Menie estate retained route across their land - perhaps limiting themselves to closing one of the masterplanned routes at a time. Else the police will get bored with dealing with casual walkers coming into conflict witht he developer. And be less able to distinguish anyone out to cause trouble.

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