Why I am joining the Scottish Greens

I have been thinking about joining the Scottish Green's for a while now. 

Patrick Harvie and Robin Harper have been among the few MSPs that have been clear about supporting the human rights of the residents at Menie. Contrast this with the disgraceful silence from the north-east political establishment and the shameful refusal to offer my constituents any comfort supported by the Liberal Democrats, Conservatives and SNP alike at the recent meeting of Aberdeenshire Council.

It is clear to me that our current crop of politicians in Aberdeenshire are not up to the job. We need people who have the courage to stand up for what is right to lead us. The time has for a new direction. I want to see Aberdeenshire's credibility and reputation restored - which means replacing those in charge at the next election.

I am joining my friend and colleague, Cllr Martin Ford, in the Scottish Green Party because, like him, I want to work for the restoration of public trust in politics. That means being honest with people about difficult issues like climate change. None of the four main parties is doing that.

In my experience, the public respect and trust politicians who stick to their principles and tell the truth, however hard that is. I see that approach in the Green Party. I certainly don't see it anywhere else in north-east politics.

I urge others disgusted at the failure of political leadership amongst current elected representatives in the north-east to join me in the Scottish Green Party as a first step to giving the north-east a better set of representatives for the future.

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  1. And the border of your website has gone green too. Not a coincidence, I assume!


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