The cost of destruction

If the Menie development didn't after all go ahead, there is a bond to pay for the restoration of the dunes.  So how much do you think it will cost to undo the marram grass planting, remove fencing, remove hessian sheet and fences and let the dunes revert to their natural dynamic state?

I have a copy of the legal agreement between Aberdeenshire Council and Trump so I know the answer.  But I'll let you guess for a day or two ....

A prize of some tablet for the nearest guess - and we will do this to the nearest pound.  Think of it as an Xmas quiz!

The restoration bind is for the princely sum of £157,752 so congratulations to Sue Edwards who guessed £2,000.  I owe you some tablet. 


  1. Keep up the good work, tremendous to have you in the Green Party, I have linked to your blog, stopping people like Trump from stealing the land is pretty much the key fact if we are to sustain the environment and promote justice.

  2. How much will it cost Mr Trump? About nothing.
    How much will it cost Aberdeenshire Council Tax payers? About a million quid.

  3. Over on Facebook (where this is cross-posted)
    Alison has said £500,000
    Diane £13.50
    Sue £2,000.


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