Next Local Plan

Today an inch of council papers arrived by post.  These documents are for me to look at part of the Main Issues for the next Local Plan.  My colleagues and I will discuss the policy issues on 27th January and our conclusions will help shape the development of Aberdeenshire for the next 10 years.  So we have a few short weeks to digest the contents of the Main Issues report and to look at the responses made to the report.  And then decide how policy should change.  I have a summary of comments made but there is also a searchable database to see the full richness of comments.

At our meeting on 27th January, we will only discuss the contentious areas so I need to read the report carefully over the next two weeks and highlight areas that worry me.  If you want to flag your concerns to me also - or indeed tell me that you think that any particular policy has got it spot on - do let me know.  I'll probably post more here as I digest the "heap".

There will be a further set of paper relating to settlements so I'd ask you to hang fire on comments about our towns and villages for now if possible.

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