P&J says it will not report anti-Trump stories.

The Press and Journal has thrown away all pretence of balanced reporting on Trump today.  In a series of articles, it claims that Tripping up Trump has tenuous links to the NE of Scotland and finally says 

"This newspaper has given a voice to all those who have wished to become involved in the debate about Donald Trump’s plans. That courtesy was extended to Tripping Up Trump in the belief that it was bona fide group of local environmentalists. Today, it has been withdrawn."
This is sad day for freedom of speech and good journalism in the NE of Scotland. 

Read all four articles for yourself.

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  1. The P&J has officially announced that it will no longer print any criticism of the Trump development from members or supporters of TUT? Who on earth has made that decision? RIP freedom of speech in North East Scotland. Shot itself in the foot? No, I think the P&J has shot itself between the eyes! The proper news papers are going to have a right laugh with this one.


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