Election campaign visit

It was truly a delight to have Patrick Harvie MSP visit the Sue Edwards' Gordon campaign yesterday..  It was just a busy day that I've not had a chance to write it up until now.

We started with a visit to the lovely Molly Forbes who made us all most welcome (home-made blueberry muffins, cake and biscuits) and tolerated another round of media circus very patiently.  The good news for her and other residents that are threatened with compulsory purchase if Trump's plans are to be realised, is that 64% of Scots are now against the resort - see press release for details.

(Pictured: Sue, Patrick and Molly)

We then called into Ellon and then had a most interesting visit to Pitmedden Udny and Tarves Community Composting.  Sue, of course, took the quality control of the finished composted garden waste very seriously and Patrick couldn't resist a closer look at one of the toys.

Thanks to Vicki, Dave and Chris for giving their time to show us around and to discuss the issues.

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  1. I never agreed with this proposal from the start especially when a very arrogant man says that he could do a better job than natural processes. Aberdeenshire residents will pick up the tab for this real estate developers plans and it brings into question the integrity of Aberdeen council's decisions seeing the ammount of green space concreted over within the city limits.


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