Which bit of "No" don't you understand

ASCEF's Chairman Tom Smith thinks that a 55%/44% vote against the City Square proposals is unclear - and therefore that the City Square proposals should go to a next stage - an international competition to design Ian Wood's dystopia. That 55%/44% votes goes up to 63% to 37% if the numbers on the two online petitions are included. 55% is clear. 67% is very clear.

Just which bit of No doesn't Tom Smith understand.

People very clealy wanted a green space and the arts centre. When asked what they would like to see in the City Square project the answers were

1. Formal gardens 3071
2. Contemporary arts centre 1968
3. A cultural centre for the performing an visual arts 1734
4. A meeting space 1732

The Northern Lights Arts Centre that Peacock are spearheading deliver these top four.

Let's just get on with it.

If Sir Ian Wood wants to help the City, then I'd suggest he focus his efforts into moving local industry faster to the renewables sector. As he has pointed out, we need to do this soon if Aberdeen is to become a world class centre for off shore renewables.

I think he is a better businessman than he is a town planner.

I don't know when ASCEF next meets - their website is very coy about this.  But Aberdeen City Council will apparently discuss the issue on 19th May.  I suggest that people contact City councillors to ensure that the clear view of the public is fully taken into account.

No should mean No.

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