50 mph

On a holiday in Norway some years ago, I found driving at the national speed limit of 50mph very relaxing. Everyone simply obeyed the limit and apart from the slight jostle to be the first in the line off a ferry, it was very relaxing. Almost no overtaking - all the traffic simply drove at 50mph.

And then there is fuel consumption. Of course this varies with cars, driving style, etc but generally 45-50mph will be the most efficient. Typically driving at 60mph will use 21% more fuel than driving at 60mph.

So, I welcome the government's consultation on reducing the national speed limit to 50mph for single carriageway roads.

Let's say yes to reduce rural road deaths and CO2 emissions.

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  1. "Typically driving at 60mph will use 21% more fuel than driving at 60mph."? Methinks there was a slip of the keyboard on that one.


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