Earth (2) Hour

We went the whole hog and switched off all the power to the house. This left us with two candles and logs burning on our stove.

Delightful - so Earth Hour extended into nearly two.

So why was this so good?

We stopped and talked.

The light levels went to those we know and love when bothying (see But more than that, we felt that we had everything important. And talked about a simpler life.

What matters? - Shelter. People. Warmth - physical and emotional.

We hope to "Earth Hour" more often.

Idealistic? Self indulgent when we can and do switch it all back on?

But worth doing to make us think about what we need rather than want. And to reassess what we do really need.

So we'll do our own personal earth hour more than once a year. And think about what we need - and what the cost of that really is.

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  1. We also took part in Earth Hour and what an enjoyable experience it was - a family eating dinner by candlelight without the distraction is something to be cherished. I have an Owl energy monitor, which was virtually at 0! - it occurred to me that we could make a difference by doing this every night! So we'll try to do this at least a couple of nights per week.


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