Washing machines

My washing machine is broken - it's the pump that empties the water. It's 15 years old so I've bought a new one. The ratings for energy efficiency are a bit odd.

I've gone for an A+AA machine and the manufacturer tells me that the energy consumption is 1.02 kwh/cycle and Water consumption is 45 litres/cycle-wash.

But I've seen an AAC machine that quotes 49 litres normal water consumption for a 60 degree wash and 0.95kW energy consumption per cycle.

Both machines take a 6kg load.

So have I been suckered by the labelling?

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  1. If this one lasts 15 years that's 780 weekly washes. At an increased electricity usage of 0.07kw that's 54.6 units of electricity. At 14p a unit production cost for windmill power that would be £7.60. At 1.3p for nuclear as in France it would be 71p.

    Not really much in it when it comes to saving the planet from all this global warming we saw this winter is it?

    It is possible that the standard is partly set by how long the machine will last though, since that will clearly have far more influence on "how much of the world's resources will be used up", that would seem a little bit to sensible.


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