Next Aberdeenshire Local Plan

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had to tell someone that their objection to a development won’t have much force as the development is in the Local Plan - so even if councillors turned it down, it would be won on appeal.

And now it’s Local Plan consultation time again! I'm not sure the Council is doing this very well - the developers have been asked to submit bids and community councils to comments on where they do/don't want to see development. And we councillors meet on 25th March to discuss the proposals.

But then planners will form the plan based on all this input - and we councillors will be asked to approve it. I'm unconvinced that the degree of consultation will result in public buy-in to what may be very big changes - especially here in a Strategic Growth Area within the Structure Plan.

So ...

Please look at

It’s all a bit daunting so for a quick overview of settlements in Ellon and District, you may want to just hop to








Tipperty.pdf and Logie Buchan


Please do not panic! Developers routinely take options on land around existing settlements and make bids to have these parcels of land included in the Local Plan. It does not mean that these sites will be developed … but this is your best opportunity to influence where development takes place.

So if there is something on these maps that concern you, please do go to and find the detailed submission by the developer. Some have further information attached which we have not access to as yet. I’ve asked for copies to be made available to me for all the above settlements and for these to be published onto the web site asap. Until they have been, please post your queries here and I will try to ensure that they are answered (I’d prefer to do this via comments and responses rather than say email as that way, everyone will get the information that anyone asks for but if you don’t want to post your comment do email me).

I do encourage you to comment on this topic and on the developers proposals for the next local plan. But as well as commenting here, please do put your comments to


  1. From what I can see of the Local Development Plan, the field which Scotia Homes want to build over 200 homes on is not zoned for housing. The field which Barratt's want to build 58 homes on is only zoned for 25 homes. Given that access to these sites would involve the distruction of a substantial number of "protected" tree (LDP), I was wondering if you had a view on this proposal. I would appricaite if you are not allowed to comment at this stage but would welcome the change to discuss my objections with you.

    Mark Grant
    Ellon Resident

  2. Hi Mark,
    I can comment on proposals for the next Local Plan so if you can be a little clearer which sites youa re referring to (and so long as they are not also subject to a planning application), I'm happy to give my current take on them.

    Either add a further comment here or email me or phone 01358 742048 (next week as I;m on holiday this week!)


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