Local police performance

We are fortunate in living in a relatively low crime area and with a police force that are committed to working in and with our communities. So I am pleased to relay some Highlights from the Aberdeenshire Public Performance Report for Q3 2008/09.

Community Well-Being
– Vandalism detection Rate at a Three Year High

The number of detected crimes of Vandalism in Aberdeenshire has improved significantly and has reached its highest level (36.2%) for the last 3 years.

Community Well-Being – Underage Drinking Lowest Levels Since 2007
Aberdeenshire has recorded significant reductions of underage drinking reports, representing the lowest recorded figures since the first quarter of 2007.

Reducing Road Casualties – Continued Proactive Polici
Aberdeenshire experienced 6 persons killed in Road Traffic Collisions this quarter. This is despite the continuance of high visibility patrols, within areas identified as having a history of collisions and pro-active policing and education of drivers, within identified high risk groups.

Community Wellbeing – Group 4 Crimes Detection Rate at Three Year High
A three year high detection rate at 39.5% was recorded in Aberdeenshire for Group 4 crimes which includes vandalism. This has been replicated throughout the Force.

Controlled Drugs – Drug Supply Figures Lowest Recorded in Three Years
The number of Drug Supply Charges recorded in Aberdeenshire fell by 50% this quarter and is the lowest recorded figures in relation to Drug Supply for 3 years.

The full report is available at

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