An Open Letter from Donald Trump

I seem to have hit a nerve. Donald Trump today sent an open letter to me to the media (a reporter sent it on to me - somehow I was missed off the distribution list).

He seems upset that I have pointed to the issue of locked gates around the periphery of the estate (see photos and map) and has resorted to personal abuse in an attempt to deflect attention away from the issue.

The advice that anyone in public life faced with abusive correspondence is usually to ignore it.

Update 18:36 - now received by email from the Trump Organisation direct.
Email to reporters time stamped at 12:56.


  1. This project does not have the support that the Trump organisation claim - there were severral petitions against this proposal, one of which I was involved in. We gathered over 8,500 signatures objecting to the damage to the SSSI - we had no publicity - we were just two women concerned about the implications of such a project. We managed to gather all these signatures, from local people to the wider academic and business community. It probably wasn't the right place to object but it was a place to show a united voice
    It's not easy for individuals to stand up to this type of bullying. Thanks for doing the right thing - sometimes it's not easy.

  2. Well, he certainly is showing signs of desperation. Any news on whether or not the police are investigating the matter from the weekend yet?

    Good luck with this.

  3. I do not feel D Trump is showing signs of desperation, but i do feel D Storr is.
    I would like to see this 8500 signatures, because i am very sceptical that they are local people.
    As for D Storr going down to Balmedie beach and not being able to go through the gates, i cannot blame the Trump organisation for locking these, I would too.
    I have been down to the beach and along the walks and yes i saw the gates locked, i climbed over and i did see security i was walking with one of my kids and i was neither harassed or bothered.
    I feel D Storr is looking for a publicity stunt nothing more.
    As for the police involvement i do think they should look closer at the behaviour of some of the councillors as i am glad there parties did.

  4. Police have declined to take action re me being detained but have offered appropriate advice.

    N Fraser - Yes. I agree, I also believe the estate detained me when they would have left others alone. But visiting my constituents is something I will continue to do.

    The Scottish Outdoor Access Code discouraged locked gates as they inhibit access by cyclists, horse riders and indeed the less mobile.


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