Aberdeenshire challenged over Trump

My constituent Molly Forbes who is at risk of being forced out of her home by the Trump development at Menie has raised a legal challenge to Aberdeenshire Council's planning decisions.

Permission was recently granted to add land at Mill of Menie (where Molly lives), Menie Fishing Stations, Leyton Cottage, Hermit Point, Leyton Farm plus some council owed land to the outline permission granted by the SNP government.

Subsequently, Aberdeenshire council, without waiting for the conditions of the original outline permission to be fulfilled, granted permission for the start of the destruction of the SSSI - stabilisation with marram grass and fencing.

Molly's challenge is to the process used by Aberdeenshire in these applications.

This is a brave step by Molly who is seeking to protect her home and the homes of her neighbours.

The planning permissions are


  1. I do believe the reason this women was chosen to take this further is purely for media purposes. She will be seen more of a victim than her son would have. But i do agree with the Trump line that this land is an eyesore. I wonder which would be more dangerous to wildlife, Golf Greens or the land as it is now. I also feel the council were quite right in granting planting permission to stabilise the dunes.

  2. Hi Debra

    I was saddened to hear a radio broadcast in Which Mr Trump dismissed Mr Forbes as “the local village idiot” who "has always been dirty, sloppy and unkempt in his personal appearance and demeanor.

    I think it is a sad indictment of the total lack of respect Mr Trump has for the feelings or rights of others.

    "Perhaps he thinks that by creating an eyesore I will pay more for his land.”

    From what I have read it is highly suggestive that Mr Trump believes Mr Forbes stance is all about money. Whether this is right or not I don't know, but human nature would dictate that with such a highly prized peice of land, much wanted much sought after and I might add with planning permission granted, there wouldn't be anyone who wouldn't expect a premium price for it, especially when that person is the wealthy Donald Trump.

    I was slightly amused by the line in the Times online article where Mr Trump says "he truly enjoys the attention that he would never have received without Donald Trump" er sort of shot yourself in the foot there Mr Trump... Should Michael Forbes thank Mr Trump for making him famous, as for Trump he is either taking credit for creating his nemesis or lamenting the fact that he made Mr Forbes famous...I leave that to the reader to decide...

    One thing is for certain there are things which people do value above money and there are things which people believe are worth fighting for either way whatever the motive it is Forbes Land and despite wishing Mrs Forbes well Mr Trump still wants to evict her. (I would also proffer to Mr Trump that Mrs Forbes may have seen the effect on the people around her and taken this decision on her own) It isn't always the case that people are put up to it...again I find that very dysengenuous it smacks to me of a judgemental attitude which presupposes what is in the minds of others and leads to the suppression of justice

    As for Mr Forbes dress he is typical of a lot of folk, I am sat here with an old football sweatshirt with holes in it because it is comfortable, I wouldn't wear it to give a seminar or a sermon or to meet people or go to court, I smarten up, and I can make an Armani suit look scruffy... clothes don't make a man (or woman) but then again stereotypically to say clothes and the way we look makes a statement of the character of the person is rubbish (of the Sex Pistols variety) It is made up by those whose only quality is the size of their bank balance.

    It is probably too late but Mr Trump needs to show a little respect and tolerance to those who oppose him and maybe if he had been a little more concilliatory then things may have gone smoother for him

    Slange Var



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