Aberdeenshire supports Vote Earth

Aberdeenshire Council today unanimously agreed to support the Vote Earth campaign. Things are moving in the right direction with President Obama and China both making positive statements today. I hope that Copenhagen can produce a binding deal. The latest scientific advice is that unless emissions are stabilised by 2015-2020, then it may all be too late. So we have to start some serious cuts now.

That's why campaigns like 10:10 matter - and I am hopeful that when Aberdeenshire's Policy and Resources Committee discussed this, they will sign up. I've signed up personally - have you?

There is a problem however. Despite both the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats nationally being against the third Heathrow runway, they would not support a motion congratulating BAA for halting work on this. Why - it now won't be built and it costs nothing to acknowledge the fact. Is it because Martin Ford proposed the motion? Or is it simply that they believe all economic growth is good - and hang the consequences?


  1. Cllr Storr - why was Aberdeenshire Council asked to congratuale BAA for halting work on a 3rd runway at heathrow, surely it is not relevant to be proposed as a motion? Given that nationally Lib dem and Con. are against it then this motion was pointless anyway. I would rather see my local councillors spending their time discussing local issues which are of relevance to citizens of Aberdeenshire.

  2. Dear Anon
    Such motions are commonplace on Councils - and the Provost didn't find it irrelevant else he could have blocked it.
    I think knowing people's view, particularly when they differ from their party's policy is interesting. And how else would anyone know?


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