Support for Trump crumbles .... and questions about Council impartiality.

You may be interested in this article by Ron Edwards in today's Sunday Herald (though I've linked to the blog version as I prefer a picture of the dunes, even if it is at Balmedie rather than Menie, to DT's face).

A YouGov poll sets opposition to the use of CPOs at 74%, rising to 86% amongst LibDem voters.   The four families involved should take heart from this poll finding - but they are not safe in their homes until the council rules out the use of CPOs.   I am not surprised by the overwhelming opposition to the use of CPOs - this is one of those "all right thinking people" questions.  The surprise has always been the extreme reluctance of the majority of my council colleagues to make their position clear.  

For entertainment, you may also be interested in this David Letterman interview with the McDonald who reveals the source of his 93% support claim!

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