National disgrace, scoundrel and extremist

To celebrate my formal acceptance into the Scottish Green Party, despite their being warned that, according to the Trump Organisation, I am a national disgrace, scoundrel and extremist, I have decided to rename this blog - and share a view of those famously beautiful dunes.



  1. How on earth could anyone even consider messing around with that coastline? Vote for the National Disgrace, Scoundrel and Extremist Party! You know it makes sense!

  2. Not just according to Trump. Try listening to your constituents.
    But then i am sure in the little space you live you are also queen

  3. Neil
    I published your short comment as it gave balance to the previously published comment and that seems fair to me.
    It would however be helpful if you would refrain from repreating yourselve and if your comments were against the appropriate post.


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