Congratulations to Martin Ford - nominated as Scottish councillor of the year

Congratulation to my colleague Martin Ford for being nominated for Councillor of the Year in the Herald's Scottish Politician of the Year Awards.  Martin is up against Steven Purcell, Leader of Glasgow and COSLA President Pat Waters.  To be nominated as a backbench councillor is a significant achievement.

The citations for all three are
  • Aberdeenshire councillor Martin Ford made the headlines by taking on Donald Trump over the multi-billionaire developer’s plans for a golf course and housing. His stance led to his resignation from the LibDem group on the council.
  • Steven Purcell, the Labour leader of Glasgow City Council, is Scotland’s highest profile councillor. In the last few years, he has helped bring the Commonwealth Games to Glasgow and changed the city’s image.
  • South Lanarkshire Labour councillor Pat Watters is better known as the president of Cosla and, as such, is the voice of Scottish local government – a difficult job with 32 councils to represent. He has taken risks politically through his consistent support for the concordat with the SNP administration.
The full article is available here. 

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  1. Martin Ford! More bottle than all the rest of them put together. We're so confident you'll win we've already booked a band for the celebration do. Daniel Clamp and The Gremlins. OK?


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