Should Holyrood rule?

Fiona Hyslop has threatened to take education away from local councils - because they haven't delivered smaller primary class sizes.  And now the SNP government is apparently considering removing social care from local councils too.    That would centralise about three-quarters of local government spending. 

I happen to believe in local people making local decisions.  And if that means that government manifesto policies are not delivered so be it.   It's local councils that run schools so Holyrood may ask for smaller class sizes.  But they can not demand it.

And it worries me that people who want independence for Scotland, don't understand that democracy at council level matters too.

Fiona Hyslop has been removed from post. 


  1. The good news is Fiona Hyslop has just been demoted! About time too!
    Maybe Mike russel will work with local authorities to help them deliver the best education in their areas, without the needless nationl interference of Hyslop's era.

  2. If the council are no delivering on promises, YES it should be centralised, if that's what it takes. Only if they can deliver where the local council has not.
    I am all for local councils making local decisions, but if they cannot deliver this should be looked into.Smaller class sizes was part of the manifesto that got the party to where it is today, so it should be delivered on.
    But i guess this is another council that cannot deliver on pledges.
    As for the democracy part, should that include members being elected rather than changing their hands mid way though their term
    The "majority rule" is often described as a characteristic feature of democracy.
    Democracy for all or choose when to shout for it.


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